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What is Rating?

The purpose of a Rating is to reward Drivers and Teams with Rating Points (RPs from now on) based on the Race results to indicate relative skill of each and every Driver in the League (domain). There is only one Rating across all the Mods, Drivers and Teams in the League. Rating that drivers accumulate is also added to the Driver’s Team, and thus Teams also accumulate Rating.

Rating is an abstract number with no meaning other than comparing Drivers and Teams. E.g. given Driver ‘A’ and Driver ‘B’ attend the same races, if ‘A’ has more RPs than ‘B’, A is a better Driver. How any RPs a Driver is awarded depends on how many RPs that Driver has and how many RPs the opponents have, there is no set number of RPs that a Driver gets for winning a race, all depends on the Race circumstances described below.

Rating is not meant to reflect behavior of the Drivers on the track. It only looks at raw results. To penalize Drivers, use Penalties.

How is the Rating calculated?

RPs are awarded after each valid (next section defines valid races) Race. The amount of RPs awarded depends on:

  1. The final order of the Drivers in the Race.

    The more Drivers you beat, the more RPs you get, also depending on your and your opponent’s Rating. Note that only non-disqualified (non-DQ) Drivers get RPs.
  2. The difference between yours and your opponent’s Rating.

    If your Rating is lower than your opponent's, you get extra RPs for beating that opponent. If your Rating is higher than your opponents, you still get RPs, but considerably less.
  3. Duration of the Race.

    The longer the Race, the more RPs Drivers get.
  4. Number of Drivers in the Crew.

    If there is more Drivers in the Crew, The Rating gain is split equally among all the Drivers in the crew.

Following these principles, it might happen that a Driver with relatively low Rating will get more RPs finishing e.g. 4th than the Winner of the that Race with much higher Rating. It is expected that the Drivers attending the most Races with lots of opponents and longer duration will be on top of Rating statistics.

What is a Rating (valid) Race?

Rating is only calculated for valid Rating Races. A Rating race is a race with a reasonable number of human opponents (8 by default), a reasonable duration (14 mins by default) and finished with checkered flag (as opposed to voted to finish before all drivers complete the race). All these rules are configurable and can be customized in the Admin section. The purpose of this validation is to avoid awarding Rating for practice races.

Rating Races have ‘Rating’ tick in both the Results and Race details pages.

Admins can manually change Races between Rating and Non-Rating using the tools on the Result's page.

Where can I see Drivers' & Teams' Ratings?

Rating is displayed throughout the whole system underneath each Driver’s and Team’s name. The indicator shows the difference between the specific Driver/Team and the League’s Rating leader, i.e. how good are you in comparison with the best Driver/Team in your League. Rating details and progress is also shown on each Driver’s and Team’s page.