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rFactor, GSC, ACTC, ARCA, AMS Getting Started

This page contains information that will help you to setup, connect and troubleshoot dedicated server(s)

Setup Instructions

  • Download and install files required on your dedicated server to connect. Inside the package, there is lr-readme.txt with installation instructions
  • Configure your dedicated server. Open LiveRacers.xml (from /Plugins) and insert your domain key. The configuration should look like:

    <?xml version="1.0" standalone="no" ?>
            <!--Enter your domain key xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx provided when registering your domain-->
        <!--Liveracers servers address. Do not changed unless instructed-->
    	<!--Change trace level 0(Critical)/1(Critical, Warning)/2(Critical, Warning, Info)-->
        <!--Set to 'false' to turn off automated results uploading--> 
        <!--Usually the PLR directory and PLR file have the same name, like UserData/[PlrName]/[PlrName].plr. 
    	If you are getting 'PLR file does not exist!' exceptions and have a different Plr Directory and Plr file names, like UserData/[PlrDirectory]/[PlrName].plr
    	Specify the PlrDirectory (just name, not the absolute path) here and uncomment the element-->
        <!--This if for other Games based on rFactor engine, sometimes they have additional sessions.
        Specify your custom sessions so the plugin recognizes your Result files. See example for Practice1 below. 
    	Type is the internal rFactor session type (usually 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)
    	ResultFile is the suffix of the rFactor results file (usually ST, S1, S2, S3, S4, SQ, SW, SR)
    	Plr is the .plr setting containing session start time (optional)
    	Rfm is the .rfm setting containing session start time (optional)-->
    		<Session Type="1" ResultFile="S1" Plr="Practice1StartingTime" Rfm="Practice1Start" />
    	<!--In case you're running a version of Windows Vista or higher and have installed rFactor into the 
    	default \Program Files\*\ location, this flag needs to be set to true to read the settings from My Documents folder--> 
    	<!--In case of Linux systems set to true--> 
    Where xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx is your domain key (you can find it under Admin page)
  • Restart your dedicated server(s).
  • After restarting, connect to the server as a driver and watch Live Page

Unsupported Features

  • Live Timing: Fuel data
  • Live Timing: Wheels data (temperatures, wear, compound)
  • Live Timing: Vehicle body damage


  • Ensure LiveRacers Plugin is installed correctly

    Make sure you've followed the above instructions to install LiveRacers plugin and that you are using the latest plugin version from Downloads. If your plugin is installed correctly, you will find a log file in

    If you can't find any logs, look for startup log at [root]/LiveRacers_StartupLog.txt. If Startup log is missing, make sure you have installed Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4

  • Common Plugin Errors

    Open the log file (the latest messages are at the bottom) and look for any [Critical] logs.

    • Invalid domain key

      The domain key in your LiveRacers.xml is invalid. Make sure you enter correct domain key that is in your domain created email or in Admin page.

    • PLR file does not exist

      The default location for .plr files is [rFactor]/UserData/[PlrName]/[PlrName].plr. In some versions it happens that the plr directory under /UserData/ is different. Take a look at your installation to see what is the parent directory of your .plr file(s), open LiveRacers.xml and set the <PlrDirectory> setting to that folder (just name of the folder, not the full path). This will override the default behaviour and look for .plr files from the specified folder.

    • Tcp client Error: WSAECONNREFUSED

      Looks like the LiveRacers servers are down. This can sometimes happen during system upgrades. If this issue persists longer, contact support.

    • Other

      Some errors can point to incorrect LiveRacers.xml settings

  • Duplicate servers

    If you are seeing duplicate servers after you join a game, make sure you are not connecting to the server using the same installation as the dedicated server. You need separate installations for dedicated server and to connect as client. Also make sure you don't have more than one copy of the plugin inside the Plugins folder in case there are different plugin dlls for different operating systems.

  • Server not visible after it was started

    You have started dedicated server but it does not show on LiveRacers. This can happen if you have Pause While Zero Players="1" in multiplayer.ini and no-one has joined the server yet (AI won't help). This is because rFactor does not provide sufficient data until first player joins. Just join the server and it should show up.

For any problems or questions please email