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Assetto Corsa Getting Started

This page contains information that will help you to setup, connect and troubleshoot dedicated server(s)

Setup Instructions

  • Download and install files required on your dedicated server to connect. Inside the package, there is lr-readme.txt with installation instructions
  • Configure Asetto Corsa Server Manager to communicate with plugin, specifically set the Server Plugin properties in Advanced Options
    • Address:[unused port]. Note that each server requires a different port, eg 12000 and increment by 1
    • Local Port: [unused port]. Again each server requires a different port, e.g. 11000 and increment by 1

    AC Server Manager Server > Options
  • Start AC Server and LiveRacers AC Plugin
  • After restarting, connect to the server as a driver and watch Live Page

Unsupported Features

  • Fuel data
  • Wheels data (temperatures, wear, compound)
  • Vehicle body damage

For any problems or questions please email