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Features & Pricing

Please choose from following options the one that suits your League best.

Type Description Pricing
LiteEnjoy the most advanced Live Timing available. Watch Races or just sneak on your league competitors to see what they are up to. Not just that - system is collecting all data your servers and providing your with lap times, race results, track records, driver stats and much more...Completely free. No charges, no credit cards, just easy install & go.
ProExperience the full potential of this League Management System together will all the sexy bits from Lite version. You will enjoy the driving and let LiveRacers do the heavy lifting. We will provide you with complete management system to run your races and championships or ad-hoc events. Setup race admins and system will assist them to manage race results in a transparent, timely and convenient manner. Extremly flexible pricing based on your dedicated servers usage. You pay only for what you use. For each started *720 hours of servers uptime (*depending on the number of days in current month), you pay a monthly fee (currently $4.99). The system monitors the number of servers runinng at all times and present you with total monthly servers uptime figure.

For example, if you have 2 servers running non-stop, you will pay 2 x monthly fee. If you only run your servers on weekends, you can have 3 servers running all weekend (2 days), and still be within 720 hours of servers usage, paying only 1 x monthly fee. Note that minimum payment is one full monthly fee, even if you don't use the available 720 hours uptime. The reason for that is that even when you're not running dedicated servers, the system still keeps and provides all your data acquired over time (championships, results, etc...). If you decide you don't need to see that data anymore, you can change your subscription to Lite, free of charge. Note that you might lose some history by doing so, because on Pro subscription, we provide your with much longer history than on Lite.

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